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Meetings and Opportunities

How are the Meetings Structured?

  • The Impact Scholars meet at least once a month for 1.5 hours typically on the last Friday of the month on campus (dates are given at the begining of the fall semester).  These meetings are required.  Program Directors facilitate these meetings.
    • During these meetings, we have different speakers.  Some of the topics inlude:
      • Time Management
      • How to Handle Stress
      • Leadership
      • Mental Health
    • Each meeting begins with a get-to-know-you activity with all participating.
    • We also have what’s called, “Living Room Conversations,” around global and local issues.

Projects and Activities

  • The Scholars are able to work in groups to organize and decide different projects and activities that better the community and builds connections within the program
    • Service hours are required of each student for the academic year.  These projects are decided in the fall semester for the fall and spring semesters as what group service project will be done by the students and Program Directors.  Students are also required to get additonal service hours on their own.  In the past we have served in the following ways:
      • The Hunger and Health Coalition: cleaning and restocking and serving meals
      • The Hospitality House: cleaning and planting gardens for residents to have accessible fresh food, also did a cleaning supply drive
      • F.A.R.M. Cafe: washing dishes, serving food and cleaning tables
      • Serving on a panel for App State Admissions during Open Houses
      • Helping out with the Annual Diversity Celebration on campus
    • “Family gatherings” are held each semester, where the students and Program Directors break bread together for an evening meal.  Again, students will decide how this is done.
    • At the end of each academic year, graduating seniors are celebrated with a special ceremony